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Mains Water Stopcock Label with pictogram Code VP101

Mains Water Stopcock Label with pictogram Code VP101

Rigid plastic plumbing label 54x85mm complete with a 100mm plastic cable tie.
The plumbing valve tag has black text and a black border on a white background.

The wording on this label is Mains Water Stopcock. Anti clockwise for On Clockwise for Off.

There is a pictogram showing how to turn off the stopcock.

Click here for this valve tag without the pictogram for use on pipework

Discounts - The Valve Tags are sold in price ranges to suit your requirements. You can order as many or a little as you need. However when you order a total of 250 or more labels from any of the sections in our Valve Tags range you will receive a discounted price, and the price is discounted further if you order 500 or more labels. Discounts are applied when we receive your order and your payment will be adjusted to reflect the discount.

Discounted rates: 250 rate 32p each, 500 rate 28p each

Price: 0.41 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Click here for a PDF showing the complete range of Valve Tags

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