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Engraved Traffolyte Labels, Tags & Discs – R M Labels

Mark up all your valves, pipework and electrical consumer units with robust Traffolyte tags.

We use high quality Rigid Laminates for all our Engraved Labels, Discs and Tags. Consisting of multi layered phenolic plastic sheets bonded together, this engraving material is ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications. Traffolyte has excellent insulating properties, is extremely robust and very easy to maintain.

We have been supplying Traffolyte tags, discs and labels throughout the UK and worldwide to countless industries for more than 25 years.

We have a wide range of Traffolyte Engraving laminates available including the high quality Abet laminate, or contact us for details of the flexible Gravoply and Rowmark laminates. Traffolyte labels are also often referred to as Ivorine labels.

Order our standard valve tags, id discs and pipework labels straight from our website in a large choice of colours or contact us and we can work from your exact specifications and drawings.

We know that time is always of the essence and therefore offer the quickest turnaround possible on all orders with many being received within 1-2 working days.

Call us now on 01348 840 675 to discuss your labelling requirements!

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Why We Use A Traffolyte Hard Engraving Laminate

There are many different types of engraving laminate available on the market, but for all mechanical, electrical and building services uses we recommend using the Traffolyte hard engraving laminate.

We always use this hard engraving laminate when producing all of our engraved labels, tags and discs. This material can only be engraved using a rotary engraving machine and cannot be laser engraved.

Available in 1.5mm and 3mm thicknesses, the material is described as a 3 ply rigid or hard laminate (also known as Traffolyte, Ivorine or Formica).

The hard laminate comes in a variety of 3 ply colours. As an example, when using a white/black/white hard laminate, the top white layer is engraved into to reveal the centre or middle black core, so creating black lettering on a white background.

Have a look at the short video below to see why it is imperative to use this material:


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R M Labels Limited has expanded

We are pleased to announce that due to our increased workload, over the last few months we have been busy recruiting and training new staff so that we can continue to provide the best possible service and the quickest possible turnaround on all orders.

A little bit about our history

Most of you will already know Ray and Linda Thomas, the directors of R M Labels Limited. Ray started R M Labels Limited nearly 30 years ago now.

Ray and Linda Thomas

As a plumber by trade Ray has an in depth knowledge of the industry and with his expertise always to hand, we can help you find the best possible solution when it comes to the identification of pipework. As the business grew, Ray’s wife Linda became involved and they have now been running the business together for over 20 years.

Tash Greenhalgh joined us two years ago and everyone who calls up to

Tash Greenhalgh

place an order will probably already know Tash; we get many great comments from our customers about how she is always so helpful and cheerful when they call in. With the wealth of knowledge Tash has learnt since she has been with us, she can usually answer all your queries, provide you with quotations or process your orders straightaway.

Our new recruits

To help Tash with her workload, Sophie Jamieson has now joined us. If

Sophie Jamieson

you have recently placed an order with us, you will probably have received one of Sophie’s short videos letting you know your goods are on the way, or you may already have spoken to her on the telephone. Sophie is still learning the ropes, so please bear with her if she has to refer to us regarding your enquiries.

Producing your order…

In production we have Harry Oliver and Adam Davies.

Harry Oliver

If you are ordering valve tags, NCR books or any self-adhesive vinyl products such as pipe markers, pipe banding, service labels, etc. these will most likely have been produced by Harry.

Adam Davies

Adam, our latest recruit, works in our busy engraving room producing all of your engraved labels, discs, valve charts and schematic drawings.

Where it’s all done

We now have a large new unit in Haverfordwest where all the production takes place; our registered office still remains in Letterston.

Production at R M Labels Limited
Production at R M Labels Limited

Give us a call

With Tash and now Sophie as well at the end of the line ready to take your calls, together they can answer most questions.

Linda Thomas, Director at R M Labels Limited

For help with all things to do with Pipe Banding and Pipe Identification Tapes to the British Standard BS 1710:2014 give us a call and ask to speak to Linda, who will be happy to discuss your requirements, help you understand the changes that came into place in 2014 regarding the labelling of water pipework and help you to choose the right product for the job.

Ray Thomas

If you require a bespoke product please give us a call, as having worked in the plumbing, heating and pipework industry for many years, Ray is always happy to discuss any new requirements you may have.

Our ethos

At R M Labels Limited we strive to offer high quality products, together with the best possible service, giving our customers a quick, reliable turnaround and so allowing them to get on with the job in hand.

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