Identifying Pipework Containing Water

A quick reminder of how to mark up pipework containing water to the latest British Standard BS1710:2014 full banding guidelines:

The Colours

The basic identification colour for water is Green 12-D-45

For water from the public water supply the centre code colour is Auxiliary Blue 18-E-53 or for water from any other source the centre colour colour is Flint Grey 00-A-09

Examples of Banding Colours for Pipework containing Water

If the water is non potable (not suitable for drinking) the safety colour required is an additional black 00-E-53 central band

The Sizes

The minimum band widths are:

Pipework diameters up to 50mm (incuding any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 50mm

Code or Safety colours: 30mm

Pipework diameters from 50mm to 100mm (including any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 100mm

Code or Safety colours: 75mm

Pipework diameters above 100mm (including any lagging)

Basic Identification colour: 150mm

Code or Safety colours: 150mm

This is just a guideline and you should always refer to the full BSI Standards Publication BS1710 Specification for identification of pipelines and services for information on the full requirements.

We have a range of products that comply with the BS 1710 2014 specification:

Pipe Banding

R M Labels Full Colour Banding for Water Pipework

Pipe Identification Tapes

Pipe Identification Tapes

Pipe Markers

Pipe Markers to BS 1710 2014

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or wish to discuss your requirements, we are always happy to help! You can contact us on 01348 840 675 or your can email us at [email protected].

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Bespoke Pipe Banding

Bespoke Pipe Banding Proves A Popular Choice

Our new range of 6m and 12m rolls of bespoke Pipe Banding in varying widths is proving a great alternative to rolls of pipe identification tape when only small quantities are required.

Motive Water Pipe Banding

If you are looking for a quick solution for marking up internal or external pipework this may be the answer.  Available in any width from 50mm to 450mm on 6m and 12m rolls.  Printed to British Standard, Pantone or RAL colours. For more information call 01348 840 675.

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Quick Solutions For Full Colour Banding For Pipework

We get lots of enquiries from customers looking for bespoke rolls of tape printed with full colour banding to the latest British Standard specification.  We are always happy to print made to order tapes, but for some customers this can be a costly option if they only need to mark up a small amount of pipework, as there is a minimum quantity of six rolls for the bespoke tapes. There is also the time factor involved when producing these tapes, which take around 10-14 working days to produce.

When you are short on time or only need to mark up a small amount of pipework, here are a couple of solutions…

Solution 1 – Pipe Banding

We have a range of individual self adhesive vinyl pipe banding strips that come in three standard widths, each piece is long enough to wrap around the pipework and any lagging, and it then sticks back onto itself – quick, secure and easy to apply!  The banding is printed on an high quality vinyl suitable for internal or external use.  For added protection the vinyl can also be over-laminated.  The banding strips are printed to the latest British Standard BS 1710:2014 full colour specification and comes complete with directional arrows and mirrored descriptive text that clearly identifies the pipe contents and can be seen and read from any direction.

Buy as many or a little as you need Pipe Banding Stripsfor the job: sizes 1 and 2 are sold in packs of 5 pieces, with the larger size 3 being sold in individual pieces, get a discounted price when you buy 4 or more packs (or for size 3 20 pieces), and further discounts are available for larger quantities.

We offer a quick turnaround on all pipe banding orders, including bespoke bandings, with most items being dispatched within 1-3 working days. All orders are dispatched using a next day courier service.

There is a full range of Pipe Banding for all the main services: water, gas, air, steam, acids & alkalis, electrical, waste effluents and oils, plus the option to create your own banding.

Download the Pipe Banding Information Sheet for more details on this product.

Solution 2 – Pipe Identification Tapes

Create your own full banding from our ranges of internal grade text, arrow and coloured tapes.  These are all kept in stock and are ready for immediate dispatch.  We have many of the basic British Standard Identification, Code and Safety colours available in 50mm, 100mm and 150mm widths, so that you can build the full colour banding to suit your pipework (don’t forget to allow for any lagging when working out the diameter of the pipework).

Here are some examples…

Example 1 – Full colour banding for pipework containing Drinking Water derived from the Public Water Supply

This example is suitable for drinking water pipework and any lagging up to 50mm in diameter with the water being derived from the public water supply. To conform to the latest BS 1710:2014 full banding requirements you would need a minimum banding width of 130mm (made up of 2 x 50mm Identification colour bands and a central Code colour of no less than 30mm); to achieve this you could use the following tapes:

Place the above tapes side by side around the pipework in the following sequence: Green Drinking Water/Auxiliary Blue/Green Arrows

This would give a 150mm wide band as shown below:

Pipe Identification Tapes Example 1

Example 2 – Full colour banding for pipework containing Lubricating Oil

This example is suitable for pipework and any lagging up to 100mm in diameter with the pipework containing lubricating oil. To conform to the latest BS 1710:2014 full banding requirements you would need a minimum banding width of 275mm (made up of 2 x 100mm Identification colour bands and a central Code colour of no less than 75mm); to achieve this you could use the following tapes:

Place the above tapes side by side around the pipework in the following sequence: Brown Lubricating Oil/Brown Arrows/Emerald Green/Brown Lubricating Oil/Brown Arrows

This would give a 300mm wide band as shown below:

Pipe Identification Tapes Example 2

Example 3 – Full colour banding for pipework containing Non Potable Water derived from Any Other Source

This example is suitable for pipework and any lagging in excess of 100mm in diameter, the water in the pipe is non potable and is derived from any other source (ie. the water does not come from the public water supply) . To conform to the latest BS 1710:2014 full banding requirements you would need a minimum banding width of 450mm (made up of 2 x 150mm Identification colour bands, plus the central Code and Safety colours with a combined width of no less than 150mm); to achieve this you could use the following tapes:

Place the first three tapes side by side around the pipework in the following sequence: Green/Flint Grey/Black/Flint Grey/ Green

Then add the Non Potable Water tape and the arrow tape over the centre of the outer green bands

This would give a 450mm wide band as shown below:

Pipe Identification Tapes Example 3

Choose from over 130 different 50mm wide descriptive text and directional tapes covering the following main services: water, gas, air, steam, acids & alkalis, medical gases and oils, plus there is the option to create your own pipe identification tapes.

Download the Pipe Identification Tapes Information Sheet for further details on these products.

The text, arrow and coloured tapes are all kept in stock for immediate dispatch using a next day courier service.

Alternatively, contact us for details of our bespoke internal and external tapes printed in full banding colours, including text and directional arrows.  The maximum width available is 275mm, with a minimum order quantity of six rolls per type.

If you would like advice on marking up your pipework please give us a call on 01348 840 675 or send us an email.

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Taking Water Safety More Seriously

Is water safety being overlooked?

Water Safety

In the PHAM News article below, Kevin Wellman of CIPHE talks about how seriously water safety is taken, looking at the level of training required compared with the mandatory level of training necessary for gas installers.



Water safety can often be overlooked or taken for granted, but potential risks should not be underestimated. Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE, puts the case for a more comprehensive approach to protecting the public and safeguarding the reputation of professionals.

It may be a shock to some that hot water scalding and Legionnaires’ disease is making a significant contribution to the number of fatalities and deaths in this country, on par with, and in some cases exceeding, the number of carbon monoxide related incidents in the UK. One reason for this is likely due to the fact that gas related tragedies in the home and commercial environments has long been recognised and publicised as a health risk. In addition industry has embraced legislation to affect changes that have saved many lives. Water safety on the other hand can be overlooked by both installers and homeowners who often do not realise the potential dangers of not properly managing water temperatures and bacteria.

At the CIPHE, we make a point of discussing water safety issues with our members, manufacturers, consumer organisations and trade bodies. After all, it is the job of the plumbing and heating industry, as a whole, to stamp out unscrupulous work. Only through education and bringing issues like water safety to the attention of the entire supply chain can we make progress and prevent the unnecessary and avoidable deaths of those using hot water systems which aren’t safe or suitable for them – this includes vulnerable users as well as the public at large. What we must remember is that nobody is exempt from the dangers of scalding and Legionaries’ disease, so the only real option is to ensure that the right steps are taken to actively stamp out the risk.

What can be done?

The reality is that there is lots that can be done to ensure water safety is front of mind – namely this can be achieved through education and ensuring that installers have access to relevant safety information and resources. This is vital to helping plumbing and heating professionals keep up to date with the latest standards and preventative measures covering water safety.

A part of this is addressing skills early on. Plumbing apprenticeships 100 years ago used to be seven years long; 50 years ago it was five years long; now there are schools of thought that specify just two years as being sufficient. This decrease in training, along with advancements in product technology, gives rise to the concern that not all of the trade can be fully competent.

Further, when you compare the level of mandatory training gas installers must undertake, for example the 5-6 days of training required each year under the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) in order to renew their licence every five years, unfortunately water safety just doesn’t have the same level of training required. As an industry, water regulations were produced back in 1999 with training happening on a voluntary basis. Therefore, the reality for water safety and training under current schemes means installers are under no obligation to update their skills. This is where the CIPHE and like-minded organisations come in to put pressure on current ways of working and encourage members to make a change.

The CIPHE’s CPD Charter is designed to ensure that skills, based on agreed competency requirements, are supported and met by plumbing and heating professionals who undertake training. The idea is that the public will benefit directly by professionals updating their skills on topics such as water safety on a regular basis. Our view is that professionals may have undertaken training at the very beginning of their career and if work isn’t done to support the ongoing development of skills, the industry will move on without them.

It is evident that a greater skilled workforce for installation and maintenance of hot water systems is needed, which is why I urge trade professionals to become involved with the CIPHE and take advantage of all the resources we have to offer.

For more information about water safety, to request the CIPHE’s Safe Water Guide, and for membership enquiries, please email: [email protected] or call 01708 472791.

R M Labels Water Labelling

At R M Labels we have a comprehensive range of products for marking up water pipework and systems; if you need help selecting the right product for the job, give us a call on 01348 840 675 and we will be happy to assist.



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R M Labels Limited has expanded

We are pleased to announce that due to our increased workload, over the last few months we have been busy recruiting and training new staff so that we can continue to provide the best possible service and the quickest possible turnaround on all orders.

A little bit about our history

Most of you will already know Ray and Linda Thomas, the directors of R M Labels Limited. Ray started R M Labels Limited nearly 30 years ago now.

Ray and Linda Thomas

As a plumber by trade Ray has an in depth knowledge of the industry and with his expertise always to hand, we can help you find the best possible solution when it comes to the identification of pipework. As the business grew, Ray’s wife Linda became involved and they have now been running the business together for over 20 years.

Tash Greenhalgh joined us two years ago and everyone who calls up to

Tash Greenhalgh

place an order will probably already know Tash; we get many great comments from our customers about how she is always so helpful and cheerful when they call in. With the wealth of knowledge Tash has learnt since she has been with us, she can usually answer all your queries, provide you with quotations or process your orders straightaway.

Our new recruits

To help Tash with her workload, Sophie Jamieson has now joined us. If

Sophie Jamieson

you have recently placed an order with us, you will probably have received one of Sophie’s short videos letting you know your goods are on the way, or you may already have spoken to her on the telephone. Sophie is still learning the ropes, so please bear with her if she has to refer to us regarding your enquiries.

Producing your order…

In production we have Harry Oliver and Adam Davies.

Harry Oliver

If you are ordering valve tags, NCR books or any self-adhesive vinyl products such as pipe markers, pipe banding, service labels, etc. these will most likely have been produced by Harry.

Adam Davies

Adam, our latest recruit, works in our busy engraving room producing all of your engraved labels, discs, valve charts and schematic drawings.

Where it’s all done

We now have a large new unit in Haverfordwest where all the production takes place; our registered office still remains in Letterston.

Production at R M Labels Limited
Production at R M Labels Limited

Give us a call

With Tash and now Sophie as well at the end of the line ready to take your calls, together they can answer most questions.

Linda Thomas, Director at R M Labels Limited

For help with all things to do with Pipe Banding and Pipe Identification Tapes to the British Standard BS 1710:2014 give us a call and ask to speak to Linda, who will be happy to discuss your requirements, help you understand the changes that came into place in 2014 regarding the labelling of water pipework and help you to choose the right product for the job.

Ray Thomas

If you require a bespoke product please give us a call, as having worked in the plumbing, heating and pipework industry for many years, Ray is always happy to discuss any new requirements you may have.

Our ethos

At R M Labels Limited we strive to offer high quality products, together with the best possible service, giving our customers a quick, reliable turnaround and so allowing them to get on with the job in hand.

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BS 1710:2014 Specification for Identification of Pipelines and Services

All pipework containing water should be clearly marked to show where the water comes from and whether it is potable or non-potable, to avoid

R M Labels Full Colour Banding for Water Pipework
Full banding by R M Labels Limited for pipework containing water

contamination of drinking water. This is clearly described in the BS 1710:2014 specification for Identification of Pipelines and Services. Below is an extract from the BSI (British Standard Institution) website giving an overview of the revisions that came into effect in 2014:

BS 1710 specifies the colours and other information that should be used to identify pipes, ducts and electrical conduits.

As the last version of the standard was published in 1984, it is long out of date. There was a particular need to update the coding system for the water supply industry, where alternative water reuse systems are becoming more popular – and where alterations can lead to contaminated drinking water if the content of different pipes is not explicit.

BSI has now fully revised the standard. Among other things, the new version:

  • Refines the labelling system to aid identification
  • Simplifies identification in building and water systems
  • Introduces a new three-size methodology to accommodate the full range of fluid services
  • Removes ship systems, which are now covered in BS ISO 14726

BS 1710:2014 will support the legal requirement for those who install and use plumbing systems to prevent cross contamination.

More broadly the new standard will be of interest to building designers, operators, users and service installers, and a wide variety of associated industries and activities including waste, water, liquid fuels, gases, and refrigeration.

Pipe Markers to BS 1710 2014
Pipe Markers to BS 1710 2014 by R M Labels Limited

There are many products available for marking up pipework and the associated valves for both commercial and domestic properties, such as pipe identification tape, pipe banding, pipe markers and valve tags.


British Standards Institution:

BSI: 1710:2014 Specification for Identification of Pipelines and Services

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