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Top Secret! Here's what your Plumbing & Heating competitors don't want you to know...

...and the tool for getting new customers they've been using for years!

This offer is only available to new customers, or customers who have not already purchased our valve tags

Here's a way that you can get new customers, time and time again...

...There's no direct 'selling' involved, and your customers will love you for it, and will buy from you again and again.

Spend just 4 minutes showing your customers how to turn their gas and water off (just in case they ever need to), attach a tag and show them your contact details clearly printed on one side.

This will give your customer a complete understanding of how to control their plumbing and heating, and they'll also remember you...

✓ Outperforms "Adwords" "Facebook" and "Yellow Pages". The return on your investment will totally out-strip all social media and traditional advertising.

✓ Your Contact Details. They'll be left all over your customer's house so you'll never be forgotten and will always get the call.

✓ Your Number is Always to Hand. It's much easier to locate your telephone number than rooting through loads of paperwork, or spending time searching for plumbers on Google.

✓ Immediate Work. You may get extra work there and then. So be prepared!

✓ Charge for the Tags. These tags can also grow your profits. I'm sure your customers will only be too happy to pay you for this valuable service.

✓ Customers Start to Ask Questions. Imagine you just fitted a radiator, ask your customer if you can tag up the plumbing and heating valves in the house. Take them around, show them the valves and explain what they do, attach a tag and show them your details. They're likely to ask more questions, possibly leading to more work.

✓ You Can 'Upsell'. Most people won't know that you offer different services, like boiler replacements, fitting gas cookers, bathrooms and showers. Opening these conversations means that you're more likely to get enquiries about other work...

✓ Recommendations. Taking the time to tag your customer's valves means that your customers will tell their friends about how you took the time and trouble to tag their valves, providing great service.

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