Electrical Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte rigid engraving laminate valve and pipe ID labels and tags in a range of colours. All labels are made to order and we offer a quick turnaround with most orders being dispatched within a couple of days. If you do require a fast delivery please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. The labels and tags are available with screw holes or a self-adhesive backing. 160mm fixing chains are available to order at the end of this section.

Traffolyte engraving labels, discs and tags are ideal for marking up pipework and plastic tube. Traffolyte is a very strong and hard wearing material which is particularly good for use in boiler houses and plant rooms carrying all services such as water, gas, heating, oil and reclaimed water. Our engraved labels, discs and markers are suitable for labelling up pipework, air conditioning systems, electrical consumer units, control and instrument panels.

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  1. 1mm Copper Ferrules for Steel Wire Rope

    As low as £1.60
  2. Engraved Traffolyte Label 50x100mm

    As low as £3.40
  3. Engraved Traffolyte Label 250x250mm

    As low as £22.50
  4. Engraved Traffolyte Label 300x200mm

    As low as £22.50
  5. Engraved Traffolyte Label 200x300mm

    As low as £22.50
  6. Engraved Traffolyte Label 300x300mm

    As low as £31.50
  7. Engraved Traffolyte Label 200x200mm

    As low as £14.50
  8. Engraved Traffolyte Label 200x175mm

    As low as £12.50
  9. Engraved Traffolyte Label 175x200mm

    As low as £12.50
  10. Engraved Traffolyte Label 200x150mm

    As low as £10.50
  11. Engraved Traffolyte Label 150x200mm

    As low as £10.50
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Tracked Delivery Service
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