Water Pipe Banding - Green 12-D-45

Self-adhesive vinyl full pipe banding for water pipework complying with the BS 1710 2014 requirements.

Basic ID Colour: Green 12-D-45, plus the relevant supplementary code & safety central banding colours for potable and non-portable water from the public water supply or from any other source.

This pipework banding comes with descriptive text and directional arrows. The text is printed so that it is visible from any direction and can be positioned to show the correct direction of flow.

Select from three standard sizes to suit all pipeline diameters: 150mm, 275mm and 450mm. Available in 3m, 6m or 12m lengths.

If you can't find the banding you need, you can Create Your Own Pipe Banding.

Colours conform to the BS1710:2014 and BS4800:2011 standards.

Please note when viewing the pipe banding online the colours may vary.

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