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Since 1988, Ray and the team have been providing all your pipework identification products - at a price you'll love. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and produce many bespoke items for our customers, so call us now on 01348 840 675.

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Choosing The Right Identification Products

Learn About our Valve Identification Tags

These credit card sized durable plastic labels are suitable for domestic use. There is a complete range of standard tags for marking up all of the system's pipework and valves, including tags for plumbing, heating, oil, gas, solar and reclaimed water. Each tag comes complete with a plastic cable tie.

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Pipe Markers

A quick and cost effective solution for marking up pipework that does not require full banding.

There is a large range of standard self-adhesive pipe markers to choose from and each marker has an arrow either end allowing you to cut off one arrow, leaving the remaining arrow to indication the direction of flow. You can also add your own text to the pipe markers. Available in three sizes to suit all pipe diameters...

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Pipe Banding

Ideal if you need to mark up pipework with full colour banding, Each piece of banding is available in three sizes to suit all pipework diameters and is long enough to wrap around the pipe.

The banding comes with descriptive text viewable from any direction and includes directional arrows, saving time building up full banding with individual rolls of tape. Discounts are available when ordering large…

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Pipe Identification Tape

A cost effective way to mark up large areas of pipework. Choose from the comprehensive ranges of 50mm wide text tapes and coloured Pipe ID Tapes.

The coloured tapes are available in three sizes and can be used together with the text tapes and directional arrow tapes to create full banding to the British Standard requirements. Our selection of colour Pipe ID Tapes comply with BS 1710 2014…

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Engraved Labels & Discs

Produced using a high quality traffolyte engraving laminate, these products are hardwearing and ideal for use in commercial situations such as boiler houses and plant rooms.

The standard 42mm diameter discs come complete with chrome plated fixing chains and are ideal for marking up valves, other disc sizes are available. The engraved labels are available in any size and come with screw holes...

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