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Are you using Valve Tags?


Valve tags are a great way to identify any of your valves or pipework. These small credit card-sized tags are made specifically for plumbers. You can even add your details to the reverse to advertise yourself to your customers. What could be better than having your company's info dotted around their house? If they need a plumber they are guaranteed to give you a call.

Greywater Tags

Mains Water Tags

Rainwater Tags

Reclaimed Water Tags

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Pipe ID Tapes

Self-adhesive laminated pipeline identification tapes with descriptive text for all water pipework services.

All tapes are 50mm wide and 33m long with black text.

Background colour: Green 12-D-45

All tapes conform to BS1710:2014 and BS4800:2011.
















Self-adhesive Vinyl Labels

Tracked Delivery Service

Tracked Delivery Service
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